A new Chapter

A New Project

A new Chapter

A creative process with personality.

Buildings renowned for their opulence and distinctive architectural features have long been a hallmark of Benfica. A symbol of this proud history, Quinta das Garridas is now coming alive as a result of a project that evokes the lavishness of bygone days with modern features enhancing its unique architectural elements.

The architectural design for the facades was based on the concept of Foundation, Body and Top, a legacy of the mansions of Benfica. The cladding, embellished with premium materials, features glazed tiles and vertical elements in copper that evoke the aristocratic character of Benfica’s mansions.

The entrance to the building, an imposing archway faced with green tiles, is emblematic of Benfica mansions.

Spaces for leisure and well-being

The south-facing swimming pool leads to gourmet and lounge areas, all ideal for socializing and sharing special moments. With a clear focus on well-being, the Aroma Garden merges with a gym that has outdoor access and a playground dedicated to the younger set.  

a new project

Awaken the joy of living

In Garridas 1867, residents can enjoy a swimming pool with direct access to the lounge area, work out in the gym, savor unforgettable moments in the gourmet area and take a leisurely stroll through a generous garden.

awaken the joy of living


With generous indoor and outdoor areas along with ample terraces and rooftops, Garridas 1867 apartments embody an exclusive architectural concept.

Each apartment is designed for living every day to its fullest. Natural light entering through expansive windows brings a sensation of complete and total comfort; private outdoor gardens echo the experience of living in an independent house in the city center. Garridas 1867 apartments are ideal spaces for creating unforgettable family moments.