From daycare to higher education without leaving the neighborhood


“Benfica is a parish without equal”, says Ricardo Marques, parish councilman in charge of Education and Training. “We have all educational levels here”, for a total of 32 schools, including private options.

Five are public kindergartens (free of charge), with this number soon increasing to six.

The Lisbon Polytechnic Institute has schools of education, communication and music here. ISCAL offers schools of accounting and administration, the latter campus “being under construction”. Additionaly, an estate has been set aside for the School of Higher Education in Dance. Secondary education is assured by the José Gomes Ferreira High School (yes, the 1986 school tv series), with a strong emphasis on science “where great doctors and nurses are born“.


“Once a week, students travel from their schools on transportation sponsored by the parish to practice sports, take part in theater performances at the Carlos Paredes Auditorium or do yoga at the Palácio Baldaya.”


What is the School Quarter?

It is an educational hub where young people can follow their academic careers from their first kindergarten drawings to their final exams at institutes of higher learning. Public schools are the most abundant type of school, featuring two kindergartens (for children over 3 years of age), two elementary schools (one of which includes junior highschool, taking students from the first to the ninth grades), one secondary school and three schools of higher education secured by the Lisbon Polytechnic Institute. A private option is the “Pedrita” daycare center that provides care for babies over one year of age. Distances from schools range from 200 to 700 meters, or ten minutes walking distance at the most. In the properties contiguous to FÁBRICA 1921, no construction, except for that destined for schools, is permitted.



Adapted from Time Out Lisboa – July 2019 Edition